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I’ve built and contributed to many free and open source projects. On this page are the projects I’ve chosen to highlight. The rest can be found on my Gitea instance and in my Github profile.

Major Projects #

  • LURE
    A community repository for any Linux distribution
  • LURE Web
    A web interface that displays information for LURE packages, created using SvelteKit and Bulma
  • ITD
    A Linux companion daemon for the PineTime smartwatch
  • lemmy-reply-bot
    A configurable bot that finds and replies to comments and posts on Lemmy

Libraries #

  • go-lemmy
    Automatically-Generated Go bindings to the Lemmy API
  • pcre
    A port of the PCRE2 regular expression engine to Go
  • vercmp
    A simple version comparison library loosely based on the rpmvercmp algorithm
  • logger
    Simple and fast logging library for Go
  • drpc
    Utilities for the DRPC framework
  • taf
    A parser for Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts

Tools #

  • tafparser
    A parser for Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts
  • riscv-docker
    Automatically-Built docker images that support RISC-V machines

Projects I’ve contributed to #

  • GoReleaser
    Deliver Go binaries as fast and easily as possible.
  • InfiniTime
    Fast open-source firmware for the PineTime smartwatch.
  • Fyne
    A cross-platform GUI toolkit in Go
  • TinyGo
    A Go Compiler For Small Places
  • CockroachDB Pebble
    LevelDB/RocksDB inspired key-value store focused on performance